All About Pearls


The affordable price of freshwater pearls is a surprise to many people. It is amazing that almost anyone can own such beautiful examples of Nature’s ‘jewels of the sea’.


Freshwater pearls are available in so many different shapes and sizes it is difficult to list them all! The traditional spherical and teardrop pearls are just the beginning – flat round coins, chunky peanut, potato, baroque and keshi pearls and unique cross or heart shapes make it easy to design specialty pieces that please the eye and the budget.


Hundreds of tints and shades abound. Freshwater pearls come in a variety of natural hues. Pearls are the best accent accessory, but do not even need to be paired with anything because they are so perfect just in their own right.


Pearls are much in demand for weddings, and freshwater pearls are inexpensive enough to bedeck the entire bridal party. Matching chokers for the bridesmaids and bracelets for the flower girls can make the event memorable for everyone. During my free bridal consultations, I work with the bride to create the perfect wedding jewelry that will make her wedding even more special.

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